The Top Assholes of Top Chef

Which you should binge-watch this weekend

Non, Chef!
Tammie Teclemariam

Candle Review: Cire Trudon “Mary”

(Not the Virgin.)

candle reviews
Kelly Conaboy

Get into the Thanksgiving Spirit with 'The Shining'

Time for some fun with the whole family

here's uncle johnny
Nicholas Russell

Aaron Rodgers Has a Covid Toe on His Big Feet ;)

TW: Graphic descriptions of toes

Toe-tally Gross
Olivia Craighead

Tiptoe, the Macy’s Parade’s New Reindeer, Is an Abomination

Saint Nicholas has forsaken us

Jenny G. Zhang

How to Talk to Your Dad About 'Yellowstone' This Thanksgiving

Here's a cheat sheet

Dutton Family Values
Olivia Craighead

My Rejected Pitches the Day Before Thanksgiving

I think I'm being held to a higher standard than everyone else around here

cornucopia of ideas
Claire Carusillo

Teigen Tales: What Is Eyebrow Transplant Surgery, and Why Did Chrissy Teigen Get It?

A guide for haters

Body Horror
Allie Jones

Move Over, Gingerbread House — We’re All Making Ourselves Sick on Charcuterie Houses Now

Thank you, Martha.

meat house
Kelly Conaboy

Gawker’s Official Thanksgiving Food Rankings

Nothing brings people together like arguing over this post

First Amendment
Jenny G. Zhang

I Am Not Impressed With Actors Who Remain In Character

It would be more impressive if they had to switch back and forth.

a little bit dramatic
George Civeris

How To Love Flossing

Just one string attached

Tammie Teclemariam

Enjoy Obviously Fake Advice-Column Letters for What They Are: Catharsis

A gift to bored minds everywhere

Our Monoculture
Jenny G. Zhang

Brian Laundrie Died By Suicide :(

An attorney for the Laundrie family confirmed the cause of death on Tuesday.

Kelly Conaboy

Will Smith: Enough

Now that I learned he used to puke after sex, I know everything

bad boys
Claire Carusillo

Jeffrey Epstein's Last Days: I Am Rain Man

He told one psychologist: "Being alive is fun."

Tarpley Hitt