Oi, Fancy a Quickie, Miss? Kate Middleton Got Wolf-Whistled in Leeds

The Princess of Wales smiled through the smut

Claire Carusillo

'Traitor' Alan Cumming Shoves His OBE Medal Right Back Into King Charles' Fat Wet Hands

He's no longer an Officer of the British Empire after learning of its "toxicity"

he probably read 'spare'
Claire Carusillo

Prince William Cracked Wise at a Food Bank

Get this guy on a British panel show

every day is red nose day
Claire Carusillo

King Charles Simply Can’t Spare Any Balcony Room for Harry and Meghan

King Charles bans Harry and Meghan from the Buckingham Palace balcony for his upcoming coronation. Like they’d go anyway...loser ass...

Claire Carusillo

Road Dog Kate Middleton Rides Out 'Spare' Drama

She's fast, she's furious, and she's going to school drop-off

Middleton Fully Loaded
Claire Carusillo

Harry and Meghan Had a Hot-as-Hell Date on Diana's Deathiversary

He took a freight elevator and hid under the covers when room service came

in memoriam
Claire Carusillo

Prince Harry Dishes on Mortal Enemy Rehabber Kooks

Don't make him type the name of former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks, who ruined his life at Eton

Club H
Claire Carusillo

Prince Harry Has Debased Himself to the Top of the Bestseller List

He did it

Tarpley Hitt

Prince Harry Says He Had to Buy a Second-Hand Couch From

It’s his online oasis

no spare chair?
Claire Carusillo

Prince Harry: I Mean No Harm to My Ugly Racist Family

They're in bed with the devil, but they're fam

Prince Harming
Claire Carusillo

If My Sweet Queen Weren't Dead, Harry's Penis Would Have Killed Her

Thank god the monarch isn’t here to witness her grandson describing getting his bare arse smacked in a field behind a pub

highbrow erotica
Claire Carusillo

Prince Harry: My Willy Was Chilly and Also My Penis Was Frozen

A lot of cold receptions over there, Harry details in ‘Spare’

oi, me todger
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Prince Harry Memoir Spills Secrets: He Murdered 25 People and William Watched 'Suits'!

Mamma Mia!

Claire Carusillo

Prince Willy Beat Harry's Ass So Bad He Broke His Necklace

Also, it was his fault Harry wore that Nazi costume, leaked excerpts of ‘Spare’ detail

boy fights vol. 2
Claire Carusillo

Prince Harry: My Dad Is Leaking

Ahead of his memoir, Harry explained in two interviews that Buckingham Palace is actually always available for comment

complain, explain
Claire Carusillo

Royal Family Year in Review: A Rather Shit One

2022 was a real annus horribilis for the Windsor crew

end of the empire
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